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Memoirs of an ARKS

05-09-2012, 12:04 AM (This post was last modified: 05-09-2012 12:18 AM by Mysst. Edit Reason: )
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Memoirs of an ARKS
[~And here we are, my fanfic/character Memoir. Mysst's past! =3 Please keep comments to PM's/when I am online in Chat. =D Or feel free to start a thread for comments on my artings... Anyway! Read and be awed? Idk... I hope you like it.~]

Journal Entry: Memories Past
Date: -???-
Time: 12:52 AM

My name is Mysst. I never knew my parents, never really had a name, Mysst is the name I came to know myself as in my younger years, before Ragol.
I... Honestly don't know how I got aboard Pioneer 2, I don't remember much from before actually. To be honest the only thing I remember is waking up in an alley somewhere in the city, with a note and a bag. The bag had probably a weeks worth of provisions, and the note read.

"Dear Daughter,"

"It's likely that we will never see you again, we don't want you to worry. We are happy knowing that you are safe, Darling.
Your life is among the stars now.
We've provided you with food and bottled water, we're certain you will find a place to stay.

We love you, our daughter. We will always love you."

Your Parents, Mother and Father.

P.S. Happy Birthday Darling

To this day I can't remember their faces... Maybe I just forgot over time, or maybe I couldn't even remember then.
It was probably about a week before I found my way on Pioneer 2, you can't really send someone back to the home world when you're that far away, right? It didn't much matter, either way. I had a rather lonely birthday that year, fourteen years I had absolutely no memory of, aside from that one week...

About a year passed and I got myself a place to rest my head, a small room. I shared it mostly with dust, and a window to look outside. I spent most of my nights there, lonely nights.
Most days, and some nights, I would to combat training for a couple of hours with a human female ranger. She taught me how to fight with rifles, and handguns, standard weapons for a ranger. Then there were partisans, and sabers, and even some minor training with twin daggers. I was reluctant at first, but eventually she got me to take up the cannon class weapons and train as well. Just about knocked myself flat with that one.

It had been two years, and I had just turned Sixteen. I put in my registration as a Ranger class Hunter. I passed the test with a few other women and men, and even CASTs. The title hardly settled in before we were given order by the President of Pioneer 2 to go down and investigate Ragol.

I was sent with three others. A hunter class human named Leonid, as far as I'm aware it wasn't his real name, but I don't honestly know. A hunter class CAST named Geoffrey, Geoffrey's name was real, it was fitting, too. He had the accent of an english gent, I found it rather amusing for a time. Among our group was one more, a kindhearted female force named Rozlyn, she was obsessed with roses and always had one in her hair. I swear she would've had one in her mag's hair too, if it actually had any.
As we set foot on the grass of the forested surface of Ragol, we looked up, and sure enough, Pioneer 2 was up there. It felt peaceful, and it was so beautiful, however. That wouldn't last...

[Image: EpO0f.gif]

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